Unlimited Remote Hands Services for a Flat Monthly Fee

Simple tasks at the data center take time. Now there's a better way to complete those tasks without sending your expensive resources to a colocation data center.

With Evoque's Remote Hands Plus offering, you get full Remote Hands Services for a simple, flat monthly fee.

Let's get started

Evoque Remote Hands Services

  • Power cycling
  • Observing or describing your equipment
  • Running diagnostic equipment
  • Typing provided commands on a keyboard console
  • Changing pre-labeled tapes 
  • Cable organization, ties, or labels to your specifications
  • Securing or verifying cabling to connections
  • Modifying existing basic cable layout (such as Ethernet connections)
  • Inserting provided media for application loading
  • Installing, upgrading, or replacing Customer-owned equipment
  • Replacing Customer-provided hardware
  • Upgrading drive capacity by installing new or additional Customer-provided disk drives
  • Performing specific tasks via your directions while on a bridge call
  • And more!

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